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Beijing in general

GirlTalk China - A Mini Guide for Women
Many interesting articles on the culture and every day life in china as well as interesting articles on other topics. Even though the site is dedicated to women, the articles are just as relevant for all men.

Beijing Travel Tips
Interesting articles about nightlife, restaurants, sightseeing and much more. Some articles are 2 to 3 years old so don't expect 100% accuracy.

Virtual Tourist - Beijing Travel Guide
Virtual tourist's users creates the content of the site. Many interensting articles and some not as interesting. Remember to check the publisihing date of the article so you don't end up in a newly built 30 floor building wich you were told should be a quaint little hutong.

Travel China Guide
Many short and interesting articles on varying topics.

Lonely Planet
You might have had higher expectations for the "largest independently-owned travel guidebook publisher in the world". There still are some interesting facts though.

Beijing's Shopping

TravelLady Magazine - Beijing Shopping Secrets
The founder of the site, Madelyn Miller gives her opinion on Beijing's best shopping. Not the most "up to date" article but still interesting.

Beijing Highlights
A few short texts about Beijings popular markets but also a list with addresses and phone numbers.

Sino Hotel Guide - Beijing Major Shopping Area
Short texts about the major markets but be aware, some of the information is old and not correct.

Shopping in Beijing


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Shopping in Beijing

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